Janice Markham

Janice Markham is an actor/writer/musician/activist and Artistic Director of VOX BOX Arts Collective, Inc. She is very excited about the upcoming release of the first VOX BOX feature film – a collaboration with Magical Iguana Productions entitled Ron and Laura Take Back America.

Besides her numerous performances with VOX BOX, Janice’s favorite characters portrayed have included “Candice” - a disorganized schizophrenic - in the pilot MIA, the grandma, mother and granddaughter in the short film Miriam Cornsweig’s Farewell Performance, which aired numerous times on the Sundance Channel, and Jeanie, the troubled arsonist in the play Jigsaw. Janice treasures her on-going work with producer Amy Lord which includes originating characters in the two long-running off-Broadway shows, The Boychick Affair and Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral, one of NY’s longest running off-Broadway productions.

Janice founded VOX BOX with Emmy Award winning art director Keith Mitchell in 1991, and has collaborated on a variety of artistic ventures with RIF (Reading is Fundamental), Create:Fixate and numerous schools and libraries. Janice is extremely proud of the “8 Sundays” emerging artist program geared towards at-risk high school artists. This highly successful art program was co-sponsored by the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock and CAFAM (Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum). Her new WORDs program (We Open Reading Doors) launches this year at the Center for the Arts and will include collaborations with VOX BOX Lead Artist, Golden Globe nominee and actor/activist Irene Bedard.
Ms. Markham is also an accomplished violinist, and has performed with her trio, Triumph of the Egg, at the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum and the Skirball Cultural Center. Janice is also a founding member of the Mostly Kosher band and Yiddish theater ensemble.

Janice’s writing credits include being co-writer and host of Press for Democracy, a TV newsmagazine. She has interviewed Rep. Dennis Kucinich, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen and Journalist Robert Scheer as well as hosting a documentary series. Press for Democracy airs on the satellite TV channel Free Speech TV. Janice is also a freelance writer for Disney Publishing, Cartoon Network, and Age of Learning.

Little Bookwormz, Inc., a literary apparel company formed with writer Paula Sewell, is Janice’s latest venture, and is an official sponsor for the VOX BOX WORDs literacy program. 

Janice lives in Eagle Rock, California, with her husband (and frequent artistic collaborator) Gideon, and their daughters Raina and Czeska.