Sheri Goldner

Sheri Goldner is an East Coast broad who earned her comedy degree at the University of 3 C’s…Catskills, Cruises, and Clubs…and has performed as a stand-up comic across the country.  She made her way to LA to expand her horizons, both as an actress and writer.  She has appeared in several VOX BOX Arts productions including theater hits Just Wait and Gallery, and most recently in the much anticipated mockumentary feature film Ron and Laura Take Back America.  Sheri has also appeared in several feature films including Bingo Confidential and Raw Footage (both Indie film festival winners); several national commercials; and has shown her serious side on TV in such shows as The Shield and Strong Medicine.  Sheri’s writing credits range from creating stand-up material (for herself as well as others) to co-creating a TV sitcom pilot The Family Jewels to co-creating (as an original cast member) the LA and subsequent off-Broadway critically acclaimed interactive hit Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral (published by Samuel French, Inc.).