We Open Reading Doors!

A project of Vox Box Arts Collective

Mission Statement:
We unlock doors to a world of books, learning and imagination through reading partners, writing projects, and performance.
Our volunteer readers are paired up with students in need of assistance in reading and writing. This partnership is a symbiotic relationship, as both the student and volunteer have an opportunity to read and be read to.

Parent outreach:
The Vox Box WORDs program includes a mini-manual for parents to aid in their literacy and that of their children. Meetings can be set up for families to meet with our literacy experts to discuss how to improve “household literacy” in fun and creative ways.

Journal project:
Students participate in a creative writing series which include:
  • participating in writing “games”
  • reading poetry/prose of established writers
  • reading poetry/prose of student writers
  • meeting local authors
  • creating a literary journal
  • participating in a poetry reading

Our WORDs Players present entertaining and interactive theatrical presentations that convey the joy and importance of reading.

Vox Box Partnerships