Synopsis : "Jigsaw" is a dark comedy of relationship angst and denial which goes a little something like this:

A family is being evicted from their home. This turn of events brings to the surface the fears and failings of each family member, including: the dictatorial father, the feather-weight mother, the victimized son, the nihilistic daughter, and the put-upon troll-like grandfather. The action is further complicated by the appearance of an unlikely stranger, and the ultimate physical and mental destruction of the house and household.

"Take one part You Can’t Take It With You, one part Max Frisch’s The Firebugs and one part Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, blend them well, and you might get Janice Markham’s Jigsaw." --Neal Weaver, LA Weekly

"The odd shapes (the characters) that playwright/director/actor Janice Markham molds into the day-in-the-lives of a dysfunctional family are sharply defined from the outset...throw into this wacked-out mix an eviction, a bulldozer replete with wrecking crew, an FBI arson task force, and you've got the makings of a subltly drawn portrait of prosaic absurdism." --Michael Preciado, Jr. NoHo LA

Premiered at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center, NoHo, CA
September 21 - October 14, 2001


Irene Bedard Detective
Gary Bullock Dad
Donna Cooper

Nightclub Singer

John Gillman Construction/Paramedic
Jeff Jack Construction/Police
Paul Kaufman Construction
Nicholas King Construction/Paramedic
Janice Markham Jean
Mil Nicholson Mom
William O. Ross Construction/Police
Justin Roy Construction
King Stuart Grampa
Christiaan van Bremen Ben
Cory Williams Foreman

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